Many people have questions about the foam cushions that are in our sofas and chairs. How durable are they? Will they flatten out with heavy use? Can I get them firmer? etc. One of our major brands is Flexsteel. Standard on some Flexsteel sofas and most chairs is the 1.8 density LC (luxury) foam cushion.. This is a good, moderately firm cushion that carries a two year warranty. It’s wears well under normal use. If your considering something of a lesser quality, don’t….just say No!

If you’re looking for an upgrade cushion with a lifetime warranty, Flexsteel offers that as well. You can get a 2.5 density foam cushion (less air pockets in the foam=more resiliency) in a firm or plush cushion. The firm (HR) offers a high level of support, and you’ll sit higher in the seat. With the plush (PC), you’ll sit into the seat more while still having a good level of support. Both carry a lifetime warranty.

We have all three in the store…come check them out!